Amazing floating restuarants of the world

Almost every country in the world today is surrounded by waters making the life of citizens largely dependent on it.Over the years, many have tried to broadcast their ideas over marine surfaces.These include the amazing floating cities,airports,etc.The limit set by one is extended by another through another creative idea or belief. Thus, a brand new concept of floating restaurants was invented around the world to provide a unique dining experience in all.

With water as the base , here are the best floating restaurants  of the world providing a fine dining experience with a breathtaking natural scenic view from a distant.

1. Vancouver

This is known as the ‘Plastic Dining Room’ solely due to the building material used in its construction.Nearly 1,700 plastic bottles along with pine-wood has been used to build the restaurant which is afloat on water.

The ''Plastic Dining Room''








Vancouver's Floating Restaurant









2.   PS Tattershall Castle

PS Tattershall Caste is a former British World War ship.The vessel was constructed in the year 1934 and after nearly four decades of active operational duty, it was respectfully discharged from its military obligation. Presently the ship is anchored in London’s Thames River and functions as a very famous eatery and taproom.

PS Tattershall Caste









3.  Petit Vardo

A South-African drifting eatery marvel, the Petit Vardo is a flatboat-converted-restaurant in the River Vaal.The restaurant’s highlight is during the evening hours when it is brightly lit and brilliant in its radiance.

Petit Vardo









4. Rustar Dhow

In spite of being a desert at large, the middle-eastern countries are well-known across the world for their constructional flair. Rustar Dhow located in the emirate of Dubai is a ship that traverses through the oceanic waters, offering scenic beauty along with excellent cuisine to patrons aboard the vessel.

Luxury Dining at Rustar Dhow









Rustar Dhow









5.  Cat Ba Bay

There are locales which have one restaurant floating on water.But the waters of the Cat Ba Bay in the South-Asian country of Vietnam are unique as they are full of boats which act as floating eateries. In pictures, these eateries look like tugs tugging house-boats along with them.

Floating restaurant series in Cat Ba Bay,Vietnam









6.Sea Palace

Named ‘Sea Palace’, this restaurant is located in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.A Chinese restaurant, the Sea Palace is built in the traditional Chinese architecture and is regarded to be the first Chinese construction of its kind in the Netherlands.

Sea Palace










7. Kettuvallams

The backwaters of the state of Kerala in India are known across the world.The Kettuvallams house-boats in native Malayalam are quintessential offerings of the Keralite culture, spanning throughout the backwaters.

Kettyvallam Dining










Kerala Houseboat Luxury Sitout










Kettuvallams Luxury Dining









8.Salt and Sill

Residential problems on land can force people to migrate to settle over water parts.But the Salt and Sill eatery in Sweden could be the first eatery in the world to be established over water because of land shortage. The restaurant is a flatboat offering marine cuisine and delicacies unlike any other.

Salt and Sill Dining








Salt and Sill Hotel, Sweden









.BBQ Donut

The BBQ Donut in Germany not only has a unique name – combining two favourite food varieties – but also has a singular location and mode of seating.Patrons can enjoy their food sitting around a floating circular table surrounded by the scenic beauty of the water and the greenery beyond.

BBQ Donut, Germany







10.Jumbo Restaurant

Officially known as the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, this eatery is located in Hong Kong, China.In the past nine years of its existence, the restaurant has been transformed from a mere eating house to a small and singular theme park. The eatery can be regarded as one of the most important high spots in the city of Hong Kong.

Jumbo Restaurant


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