World’s Leading Maritime Magazines


 A marine magazine is book that usually contains a miscellaneous collection of  marine articles,marine adventures, and pictures of marine expeditions or explorations.This is directed at the reading public interested in marine affairs or who want to seek knowledge about marine life.

Here is a list of world’s leading marine magazines under various titles:

1. Fairplay: World’s leading international news source

  Fairplay delivers content tailored for its core audience of ship owners, managers, operators and charterers. However, this is also highly relevant for brokers, financiers, insurers and others in the industry taking the decisions which drive global shipping.

  It is one of the best recognised magazines in global shipping,produced the content that ship owners and operators need,guaranteed editorial balance, integrity and opinion, second-to-none, achieved some of the highest levels of subscriber loyalty in publishing,delivered advertisers with the results to drive their businesses forward and consistently attracted the largest share of advertising in global general maritime media.

To know more about this magazine, please visit:

2. Digital Life: World’s leading magazine and events company for IT in high seas                       
                    in commercial maritime industry

  Digital Ship is the commercial maritime world’s authority on satellite communications, software, navigation technology and computer based training.

To know more about this magazine, please visit:

3. Coral Magazine:World’s leading marine periodical for aquarium keepers

  The magazine provides cutting-edge aquarium advice with definitive and lavishly illustrated reports on reef species, coral reefs in the wild, environmental issues, and field trips to tropical destinations.


To know more about this magazine, please visit:
4.  Tanker Operations:World’s leading magazine for tanker operation in high seas

  The magazine provides information about the ongoing tanker operations, the woes of the tanker operations in shipping industry and possible solutions of recessions in improving international tanker operations. 

To know more about this magazine, please visit:
5. Marine Technology Reporter:World’s largest audited circulation magazine 
  This is world’s largest audited circulation magazine and leading underwater acoustics technology company to cover the marine technology market.

To know more about this magazine, please visit:

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