Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO System)


  The FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) system is used by oil companies and offshore industry for the processing of hydrocarbons and storage of oil from oil rigs in high seas and oceans.
  It not only stores oil but also refines it and offloads it to industrial sectors with help of underwater pipelines. This method also saves money and time since there is reduction in transportation between onshore refinery and industries thus, it is economical and safe.


Advantages of FPSO:

1. Early and efficient cash flow since they are faster to develop than fixed platforms
2. Reduced upfront investment
3. Retained value because they can be relocated to other fields
4. Abandonment costs are less than for fixed platforms

Currently, approximately 160 FPSOs and 100 FSOs are in operation worldwide.

The FPSO System:

  • Production: Production means evolving the crude oil obtained from the deeper parts of the ocean. The FPSO is enabled and fitted with equipment that would act as a refinery of sort to distill the oil obtained from the ocean along with the gases that are emitted. This is the main feature of a FPSO as only with the help of this feature can a FPSO attain the reliability that it enjoys in today’s times.

  • Storage: It is important to filter the excavated oil from its oceanic reservoirs, it is equally important to store it well. For this purpose, the FPSO is built in such a way that the tubes and the pipes and the tanks are perfect for storing the distilled product from the crude raw-material. They are safe and sturdy so as to resist any chances of unwanted oil spillage and thus contamination of the marine life-forms.

  • Offloading: The offloading aspect is important when the FPSO has to transfer its contents into ships designed as oil carriers or to pipelines that act as transfer agents. In simple terms, offloading refers to removing the cargo in a FPSO and transferring it to another cargo-carrying vessel or equipment. The offloading part is very tricky as the process is carried out in the middle of the sea and thus requires a lot of concentration and focus in order to avoid any sort of spillage.
Sample FPSO System
   Thedesigning aspect is very amazing. This is because the system has tobe constructed in such a way that it remains invulnerable to the constantchanges that take place in the middle of the ocean or the seas.  
    The various tubes and pipes have to be built in such a way thatthey do notaffect the pureness of the oil obtained and the same time do not getbroken because of the heavy storms or tide currents.

Currently,UK has the highest number of FPSO units in the world.


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